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Nutrients Needed To Maintain Bone Health

27 Jan

Having healthy and strong bones is everyone’s dream. Maintaining healthy bones is a very important thing to do so that the body is able to carry out activities properly. To get healthy bones, nutrients are needed which are useful for maintaining bone health.

The nutrients needed to get strong bones are not only calcium, but the body also needs nutrients that can support the absorption of calcium into the bones. Lack of nutritional intake that helps the absorption of calcium in the bones will cause the amount of calcium to enter the bones is very small.

Too much calcium enters the body and is not absorbed into the bones and will cause other health problems and problems. Therefore, it is very important to know the types of minerals that are useful for helping the absorption of calcium into the bones.

Supporting Nutrients To Maintain Bone Health

SalmonVitamin D

One of the nutrients that is important for supporting calcium absorption is vitamin D. The function of this nutrient is to increase the absorption of calcium into the body. Vitamin D has the ability to regulate the balance of calcium and phosphorus composition in the process of bone formation. Another benefit of vitamin D is to maintain muscle strength, build and repair bones so as to prevent bone loss.

Vitamin D can be obtained from sunlight and food sources such as salmon, tuna, liver, eggs, sardines and catfish.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is one of the nutrients the body needs to help produce protein needed to maintain bone strength. In addition, vitamin K is also useful for preventing calcium buildup in places where it shouldn’t. Vitamin K can be obtained from food sources, namely chicken liver, meat, eggs, spinach, cabbage and broccoli.


Many people do not know the benefits of potassium for bone health. In fact, potassium has benefits for maintaining bone health and preventing bone loss. Potassium has the ability to absorb and help restore calcium to the bones. Foods that contain potassium include bananas, papayas, pumpkin, spinach and potatoes.


Magnesium has an important role in helping the process of absorption of calcium into the bones. Magnesium will convert vitamin D into a more active compound so that calcium absorption in bones will take place optimally. In addition, the process of absorption of calcium by magnesium is by stimulating the hormone calcitonin which is useful for drawing calcium in the blood back into the bones. Magnesium can be obtained from spinach, seeds and nuts and wheat.

beef liverPhosphorus

The next important component is phosphorus. This mineral is indispensable for maintaining bone strength because the main component of bone building blocks is calcium phosphate salt. Lack of phosphorus intake will inhibit the production of calcium phosphorus so that bones become brittle. Foods that contain phosphorus include chicken, beef liver, cheese, pumpkin seeds and salmon.